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I received help with a formula problem from this newsgroup
yesterday which gave me this formula


How can I now add to this so that if D4<E4 & F4<G4 & H4<I4
& J4<K4 & L4<M4, then the figure 1 is added each time into
a completely different cell e.g. P4. Therefore if D4<E4
and J4<K4 I would expect to see the figure 2 in cell P4.

Thank you for any help you can give!


Thanks for the reply. My problem is that my first formula
is also in P4 and therefore I need to add to the formula
itself the end result being the following;

if D4>E4 and F4>G4 and H4>I4 and J4>K4 and L4>M4 then 3 is
into cell P4 each time e.g. if D4>e4 and J4>K4 I would
expect to see 6.

if D4=E4 and F4=G4 and H4=I4 and J4=K4 and L4=M4 then 1
would be added into cell P4 each time

if D4<E4 and F4<g4 and H4<I4n and J4<K4 and L4<M4 then 3
will be added to another cell e.g. P5

If the cells are blank then no values are added.

I hope this makes sense

Harald Staff

Yes and no. A function in P4 can not push a value to another cell, so you
need a function for each cell.

But to add my result to whatever you have there before, simply merge them
=(your function)+(my function except the initial =)

HTH. Best wishes Harald

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