Function for visible cells only



I have tabulated data that has filters applied.

I have another template that create vouchers from this data. Is there
a formula I can put into the fields in the voucher template that will
only retrieve visible cells from tabulated data.

For example I might filter on arrival date in the tabulated data and
only want the visible cells to reflect on the voucher template.

I know the subtotal function can sum only visible cells... I also
have text in the tabulated data that needs pulling through to the
voucher template, plus I donlt need to subtotal anything.

Thanks for any help.



Roger Govier


Take a look at Advanced Filter instead of Autofilter.
Try extracting the data to another sheet - any unwanted columns can be
You can create a macro to automate the procedure.

For more help take a look at Debra Dalgleish's site, and download some of
her sample files to get you started.

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