function defaults change in Pivot Table..why?



I was recently working in my pivot table and had something happened that
doesn't make a lot of sense to me so I'm asking for some assistance.
Usually, when I drag a field on to my Pivot Table in the DATA section it
defaults to the sum function with a number field. It also defaults to a count
function when I drag a field that has text in it.

Recently, I got a pivot table that default a number field to the count
function. Can anyone explain why the default has changed on this particular
Pivot Table?

Any asistance would be greatly appreciated !



Debra Dalgleish

If there's a blank cell in the number field, or a text entry, the data
field will default to Count, instead of Sum.



Dave Peterson

If all your data in that column is numeric, then you'll see Sum of.

If any of it is non-numeric (text or even empty), then you'll see count of.

If you go back to the original range, I bet you'll see an empty/text cell.
(Maybe the range includes too many rows???)

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