Full Name Order



I recently exported my Outlook pst file to a new PC. On the old PC, my
contacts were sorted last name first. In the contacts folder on the new PC,
they were imported in that order, however when selecting mail recipients, the
address book opens with names sorted by first name.

How can I change this to last name first?

Thank you!

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You would never transfer Outlook Data by importing. Not only do you lose
data when you do, but your preferences for name order are ignored. If you
still have your data file, you might want to use the correct methods for
data transfer that we post here daily.
If you're lucky, your data may have retained the name order you prefer. If
so, you only need to set your address book sort order. Those instructions
vary with your Outlook version which you decided not to post. Just fine one
of the posts here that match your version.

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