A couple of questions:

1. How can you move the FRS-Staging folder to a different location
??? The FRS Staging folder keeps filling up and halting the NTFRS service
so it has to be moved to a location with more room.
2. How do you get users that use the links in a DFS Root to always
select the server closest to them (1 domain/site setup, 3 servers, 2 in 1
office and 1 cross country) ??? When selecting the DFS links, sometimes
user that are located cross country get pointed to the server that is 1000's
of miles away thus created a long distance haul for opening files. How can
this be solved so that the users are always connected to the local office
server ???

For example: User A profile is pathed to \\domain\DFS Root\Home\User A.
User A is located in New York. Occasionally when User A logs on, his pulls
his profile from the server in California. Is there a way to stop this from
happening besides directly pathing out the profile to the local server ???
This also goes for the other 15 replica sets between the 3 servers. I know
the OS randomly picks which server to go to based on load. But how to stop
it is the question...

Thanks for the input.

Daniel Billingsley

1) There are several articles in the Knowledge Base regarding FRS. This one
explains how to move the staging area:;en-us;291823

If you use the new DFS administration tool for Win2003 or XP you can
designate the staging area when you set up the replicas.

This is another good article which describes (among other things) setting
the journal size and staging space limit, which you may also need to do if
you're replicating large amounts of data.;EN-US;221111

2) If I understand correctly, and you have all those servers in one domain
and site, AD and DFS don't have any way of realizing that one is actually
1000's of miles away. You might want to rethink your AD design.

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