Frontpage fails to recognize my website navigation structure



Suddenly Frontpage fails to recognize the navigation structure for my
website. However, when I look at my index.htm page in Explorer, all the
links are there. When I load the Index.htm file in Frontpage, it acts as if
it is not a webpage and looks in a different folder.

Any ideas what happened? I tried to reverse publish the website from my
server, but Frontpage refuses to go to the server webpage. It keeps thinking
my webpage is published at a different address (another webpage in a
different folder).

Is there a way to redefine the index.htm file as the homepage?

Thomas A. Rowe

Locally are you opening a web / site or just the home page? You need to always open the web / site
first, then a page.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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