FrontPage 2003 Search Component


Ralph Martin

I publish two websites, one hosted at, the other
at Both have the 'Latest FrontPage' extensions.

In the old days, under Windows 98 etc, when FrontPage extensions were in
their infancy, the Search Component in FrontPage worked very nicely - one of
my sites archives 200 pages so being able to search the site is vital if the
visitor is going to have a pleasant or useful visit.

I'm not sure quite when, but as FrontPage developed the search component
STOPPED working.

I now use FrontPage 2003 and, although both hosts above provide the 'latest'
FrontPage extensions, the search component, when published, won't work.

It DOES, however, work properly when I publish locally to

To confirm, it's the Web Search/Current Web component I'm discussing.

I've spoken to 3 hosts and get mixed reasons for the problem... 'Microsoft
knows it doesn't work... it tries to index every file on the server
including other companies' websites... you need a dedicated server... you
need SharePoint services...'

I'm confused and would like the quickest and easiest solution to this
problem... we NEED a working search facility, so:

1. Does the Search Component work in FP2003 at all?

2. Is my solution to find a host with these new SharePoint services?

3. A friend mentioned I could buy a 'JavaScript plug-in' that will give some
search ability. Any leads on these?

4. Any other ways to add a search? We can't afford a dedicated server.

Any help anyone can give is very much appreciated.

Thank You - Ralph



Thomas A. Rowe

Yes it works, on a Windows IIS Server the host must have installed, configured and running Index
Server and create a Index Catalog for the site.

On a Unix/Linux server the FP WAIS search engine is used.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, WebCircle, MS KB Quick Links, etc.

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