Front Page 4.0


Tim Reid

I am attempting to publish a website developed in Front Page 4.0. It has
been up and running for many years but has not been edited. We changed our
web hosting company and are trying to publish it at the new host.

If I open index.htm in FP 2003 or Expression Web 2.0 it shows just a small
portion of the page, no header, links, etc. If I open index.htm in IE it
shows the complete page(without graphics).

About 3/4 of the html is stripped by FP and EW which is causing the missing

Is it possible to convert/update the html to make it usable in FP or EW?
Or, is there another editor available that will read the 4.0 code?





Please give a link to a page.

Neither FrontPage nor Expression Web will strip or hide sections of a page
*unless* that section is rendered using script or server side includes, or
server side scripting is so badly written the only way to render the page
in an editor is to remove bits. In the first two cases there will be
something in Code view that acts as a placeholder for the missing code.

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