FronPage not publishing correctly



Please bare with me I am not web savy or an IT person...I am a work-at-
home mom whose website is not working correctly...I have been doing
the website for our business using FrontPage for years and now it is
not publishing correctly...although it looks correct prior to

I guess my question is...How do you know when a problem is "server/
web hosting" related verses something on my end?

My site looks perfect in FrontPage until I publish my site...when
publishing is complete it is a mess...see this link and scroll all the
way down to see what I mean by "a mess" no headers, missing graphics,
etc. (almost the entire site
looks like this link)

I can't get my hosting company to respond to my "service ticket" and
it has been 48 hours...just wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

1. I have already reset the FrontPage Extensions via acom hosting.

2. I completely turned off FrontPage extension...and turned them back
on...then deleted my "remote site" completely...and republished the
site in it entirety.

3. I have another website, which is also FrontPage for and it is
having no problems at all...but I use a different hosting company.






Hi there,
does your server have front page extensions? probably not.
I can phone anyone in north america, and some other countries and walk you
through a problem, free, no charge, lol
(e-mail address removed)
this server has all the front page extensions and works very well with front

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