Freeze end of mont results



I have a spreadsheet in which mutiple people enter data into a spreadsheet.

On one tab, I have a overall results page that gives totals, percentages,
etc. on a right-now basis. If I go and mark something as complete for
example on one of my tabs, the results automatically update.

At the beginning of each month, several values in spreadsheets that
contribute to these calculations will calculate as "past due" automatically
based upon formula results in those spreadsheets.

What I want to do is take the results in cells (E4:E8) on the 27th of each
month and paste them as frozen values in a table below (Cells depend on
month). That will allow me to create an automatically updating chart showing
month to month results totals etc.

However, I do not always have the spreadsheet open on the 27th of each
month so I need this code to run even if the excel sheet is not opened. Is
this possible?




You cannot run code if you do not open the workbook!

You could set up a control cell, that is set TRUE when the code has run, say
on or after the 27th, when you next open the workbook. The first task for
the open event would be to check if the value is set false and the date is
the 27th (or greater) then run your copy-paste code to record the results,
then set the flag true.

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