Freeze at the top & split the side in Excel97?



Is it not possible to freeze the titles at the top of the screen
(always show row 1 at the top of the screen) AND then split the screen
so that I can view one column on the left side independantly of the
section I'm working on on the right side?

It seems that splitting the screen cancels the freeze command, and it
won't let me freeze a row. I don't recall having this problem in Excel
2003, but it's been a while since I've used 97.

What am I doing wrong, or more properly what is the proper way to lock
the first row at the top of the screen, and let me split the screen so
that I can view one column on the side separately from the others?

Bernard Liengme

Move to B2, use command Window | Freeze Pane
Now as you scroll vertically or horizontally, row 1 and column A are always
This is from Excel 2003 but I seem to recall doing the same in Excel 97
best wishes

Gord Dibben

No version of Excel has allowed a split and a freeze panes together so your
recollection is faulty.

The freezing rule is..........everything left of and above the selected cell
will be frozen.

Select B2 and freeze panes to get row 1 and column A frozen.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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