Free live web stats analytics tool (This is the best)



Every webmasters needs to display a diferent information to there
Web stats provides the traffic of your site, a variety of statistics
and analytics to help webmasters analyse their traffic. Web Stats
provides a wide range of choices on what to display on your Webpage or

• Countries Visitors
• Your Basic statistics
• Online users
• All the Above or any combination of the above (Horizontal or
Vertical )
• A Small image icon
• A Configurable hit counter (Select the font style, color , size,
background color)
You can change the display on your page any time you wish, fast and
Why do webmasters have to track their visitors? Tracking the visitors
is an essential part of any online business. Learn how many visitors
you are getting and have the statistics tracking capability.

But, you want to know even more about your visitors and their
behavior, such as:

• How many visitors come to your site?
• How many visitors per day do you have?
• Where are your visitors coming from?
• From which page did they come?
• What keywords did they search to find your site?
• What pages did they view? How long did they stay?
• How many visitors per week, per month?
• Which search engines did your visitors use to find your webpage?

Get it free at:




You already get it free from your host. Why use yours (which looks
suspiciously like spam)?

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