free disk space misreported



Hi all.

My system is incorrectly reporting 5.21Gb of free space (even after
successfully running Windows' disk-error-checking utility and Western
Digital's Extended Test)and I'm hoping someone can help me resolve the
issue. Details follow.

With the Window's Explorer Status Bar reporting 5.58Gb of free space on
drive E, I selected on drive F 5.53Gb of MP3 music files to transfer to
drive E. After a few minutes, an error popped up indicating that there
wasn't enough space on drive E to complete the entire transfer. As a
result, only a few files out of a bunch failed to transfer. However, the
Window's Explorer Status Bar now reported 5.21Gb of free space on drive E
despite the partly successful transfer. In fact, Properties of the folder
transferred into indicates a size of 5.42Gb, which is how much of 5.53Gb
that transferred to drive E. The system should be reporting disk free space
on drive E in the vicinity of 160Mb (5.58Gb - 5.42Gb) and not 5.21Gb.

All help very much appreciated.

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