FPNW enabling multiple users.



Hi folks,

I need to install FPNW to move a crusty NDS application onto an FPNW 2000
box. I've that if I enable the "maintain NW compatible" checkbox on the user
it insists on me typing a new password in effectively resetting the users
password. This is no use as I have 700 user's to do. Is there a way around
this? You'd think a sensible solution would be to run a script and force the
user to reset his password on next logon thereby syncing the two passwords.

Resetting everyones passwords manually and to the same thing is both an
administrative nightmare as well as an unacceptable security risk.

Anyone know a way around this? Various searches seem to reveal only despair.

Mike Crabtree

AFAIK there isn't a staright-forward way round this. The problem is you are
setting up FPNW for existing accounts - if they were new accounts - you'd only
have to enter a password once....

It might be possible to script something to do this - but unless you enabled
storing of plain text passwords in AD - you can't set the NetWare password
from the NT/AD password.... (it's hashed - and the hash algorithm is different
to NetWare's)

Mike Crabtree MVP

MS Services for NetWare - http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/sfn/


Hi Bob,

Here is a script I found to make AD password changes via
LDAP call. May be useful...?


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