FP and Windows Home Server



I'm told you can't use FP to create/edit the default web or even create a
Home Server (default) web site using FrontPage

Yet 2002 Server Extensions are on it, as is IIS 6

Looking in IIS under "Web Site" there are the following;:
Default Web Site
WHS Site
Microsoft SharePoint Administration

Wondering if anyone know a way of getting round this. As I am testing I am
not worried about causing problems at this stage but can't seem to get in to
open or publish to the default site on the local network.

Can open the server default site, but get "Service Unavailable" via

Any suggestions?



Don't use the default site.
Set up a new site, outside the folders used by WHS, in IIS. Install the FP
extensions on this site and edit with FrontPage.
FrontPage extensions are not installed on WHS by default, you have to
install them yourself from the WHS installation disc.

I add a new folder on the WHS D drive to store websites - but not in any
folders created by WHS. The WHS created folders have the wrong permissions,
and I am reluctant to fix anything that works.
Also I add a additional IP addresses to TCP/IP Properties to cater for new
After creating the folder, use IIS management to create a new website using
this folder and the new IP address. If/when you have extensions installed on
the server, use Microsoft SharePoint Administration to extend the new site.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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