FP 2000 hyperlink to .EXE


Tim Holmberg

Hello all,

I seem to be a bit stumped...

I maintain a simple static website and I have been asked to update the
website to provide a link to download a small setup.exe file.

I figured, "easy enough to do" and created a hyperlink to the setup.exe
file... all looked good but what is happening is when someone clicks the
link and the FILE DOWNLOAD dialog box appears .exe is not part of the file
name... only setup. Of course when it is just setup without the .exe then
the OPEN button won't work because it wants you to pick an application...
If they click SAVE and either add the .exe to the file name while in the
FILE DOWNLOAD dialog box or rename the file after downloading then the
install works..........

Does anyone have any idea why the default filename for my download link is
not setup.exe?

Thanks for any help, Tim H

Steve Easton

Is the server set to recognize the .exe mime type??

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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...............................with a computer

chris leeds

if you could post the page that'd help.
the two things I can think of:
the file is missing it's extension
the hyperlink is missing the extension.
but it may be something with the browser or the antivirus on the browser's
machine etc.
url would help.

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