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I found a solution, I thought it could be interesting for some of you.

I have exported my contacts into a NEW PST file (with only contacts).
Then I have closed this new PST.
Then I have DELETED all my contacts from my "regular" PST.
Then I have closed outlook and re-opened. I have no contact at this stage.
Then I have imported my contacts from the new PST file.
And it worked. Some of these steps are probably not mandatory.

Don't ask me why, I guess there was something corrupted in the tree of the PST. This may suggest that PST files have a limited life duration after which they corrupt themselves... ?

Good day to all,

Stephane wrote:

"look up outlook contact" does not work properly


I am using outlook 2007 for years. Recently I had to re-install my OS (Vista 64). I have (of course) kept my PST file (POP-style).

I have the up-to-date versions of outlook2007 and vista-64 (today = 26 Jan 2010).

When I create a new email, I can type the name of my contacts: this works OK.

When I open an existing email (received one for example) and I right-click to "look up outlook contact", it says "could not find a contact with this email address".

When I open the outlook "address book" I see only the "contacts" coming from my PST file, they are all here and the email addresses are all correct. I have tried with many contacts (even me) and they all fail.

I do not know what else I could mention in order to get a quick answer. The situation is very embarrassing.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Russ Valentine

Not recommended. There are far better ways to fix your problem than to incur
the risk of data loss by exporting.

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