Forwarding a message clears the clipboard



I am running Outlook 2007, SP2 on a Vista Home Premium machine and also on
an XP Pro computer. They both have this same quirk. Suppose, I want to
forward to “Able†an email I received from “Baker.†To get Able’s email
address, I open one of the emails he has sent to me. I click on his address
and copy it to my clipboard. I then go to my list of emails in my Inbox. I
highlight the email I want to forward, and I click the Forward button on the
Outlook toolbar. This, of course, opens the message in forwarding format,
ready for the email address. I then paste the email address in the To: field,
and I can then send the email to Able. Note that I did not open the email
message to be forwarded; I used the Forward button instead.
However, if I do exactly the same process with one seemingly minor change
this process will not work. Here’s how it works. I get Able’s email address
as I mentioned above, but this time I do not use the Forward button to open
Baker’s email. Instead, I double-click the email entry on the list of emails
to open the message, and then, from within the email, I click on the Forward
button that appears at the top of the email. I now have the email message in
forwarding format, waiting for Able’s email address. When I try to paste the
email address in the To: field, nothing happens. When I look at the Paste
button in the Clipboard group at the top of the message, it is grayed out.
The clipboard has been cleared. It does not appear to matter what is on the
clipboard. It could be an email address or other text for pasting in the body
of the message. It gets cleared when the open message is forwarded.
A simple workaround is to open the email message and set it up for
forwarding first, and then copy and paste the address.
My question: Is there a fix for this quirk?

Roady [MVP]

This quirk is not coming from Outlook but probably from an add-in that you
have installed.

Does it work correctly in Outlook Safe Mode?
Start-> type; outlook.exe /safe

Often the cause is a virus scanner which integrates itself with Outlook.
Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd
still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus
scanner. For more details see;

To troubleshoot other add-in see;

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