Forwarded mail



How can I configure my email so that a forwarded message can be edited and
not include email addresses and previous communications. How do I just
forward the current message? On Windows XP you could delete what you didn't
want to forward. How can I with Vista 64?

Gary VanderMolen

Which email program did you use on Windows XP?

Your request is somewhat confusing. You want to edit a message
you are forwarding, yet not include any previous text? What is left
to edit?

Windows Mail also allows you to delete anything you don't want
in the forwarded message.


I am having alot of trouble getting my vista cam to work with my computer
which has vista basic on it. The thing is that it USED to work but now Vista
isnt recognizing it. I tried Downloading the logitech messager but the
computer still isnt recognizing the camera. Can Anyone Help Me?

Gary VanderMolen

The newsgroup you posted to is for the purpose of supporting the
Windows Mail program. If you are trying to use the webcam with an
instant messaging program, try the Windows Live Messenger
newsgroup. I will also list two other newsgroups that may be helpful:

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