Formulas - Daily average at the specific date



I want the daily average to appear at the point when the date changes. Is
there a way to do this?

For example, lets say I want to use columns A, B, and C. A will obviously
contain the date, B will contain the data, and C will contain the average up
to (and including) the date it belongs to... Here is an example:

5 Oct | 50
6 Oct | 100

The above example shows columns A and B, and for C1 I want it to average
only B1, which would be 50. For C2 I want it to average B2 and everything
that occured before then, so B2 and B1 >> 50+100=150 / 2 = 75 (It found the
average of B2 and B1)...

....And it would continue on. For C3 I want it to average B3, B2, B1... C4 I
want it to average B4, B3, B2, B1.. And it will always continue. Is there a
formula I can use for this? Or would I have to manually adjust the average
everytime I insert new data?




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