Formula to display text depending upon date entered in a cell

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Rod from B.C. Government

I thought this would be simple, but it has defeated me.

Assume that cells in column A are used to capture a future due date. In
column B, I need a formula that will display "Not Due Yet" if the date in
column A hasn't been reached, or "To Do" if we are at or past the date.

I was able to write a formula to do this successfully, but for some reason
it defaults to "To Do" on the rows where there is no entry in column A. I
tried using the ISBLANK function, but the problem is that the cell has a
formula in it that brings the text over from another worksheet, so I suppose
it isn't truly a blank cell.

Gord Dibben

Always helps us if you post the actual formula but maybe..........?


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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