Formula reference formatting



I have two workbooks, one is my data and the other is report from random
areas of my data. I am using the following formula to pull information:
The column is stationary, but sometimes there are a few rows that I can fill
with data. I need the blank cell if there is nothing in my data file, and the
data I am using is Text, Dates, and numbers so traditional conditional
formatting was not sorting out blanks. An example would be:
… and so on.

Some cells already have existing links others are blank.
Is there a more efficient way of ether adding the formula to existing cells?
Changing reference cell other than going in to formula and changing number?
(i.e. the = + Click on data cell used to create reference)



Sean Timmons

I suppose you could use INDIRECT and just have a place to enter your list of
cell references.

So, say in Sheet2, A1:A500, you'd enter the cell numbers you want to
reference as 318

then, in Sheet1, you have


and paste down. May want to add another If so you can have this formula all
down your report row, so:


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