Formula problem - Incorrect Option Setting?



I have "inherited" a spreadsheet from someone else and am having
problem creating new formulas (there currently are no formulas in th
spreadsheet). I don't know if there is an option setting causing th
problem or if it is something else.

When I enter a formula, such as =IF(A1=1,"TRUE","FALSE"), it shows th
formula in the cell instead of the result. I have tried a couple o
things to figure out what's going on without much success.

If I enter the exact same formula in a new workbook, it behaves as
expect it to.

If I enter the exact same formula in a new worksheet within the curren
workbook, it doesn't function as expected.

I have compared the options between the two spreadsheets and don't se
anything different.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get the formulas to work




Before entering the formula into the cell change the format of the cell
from Text to General.


Sounds like your view options.

Tools>Options>View Tab.

If the Window Options section option Formulas is checked, de-select it
and click on OK. You should now see the results of your formulas as

Does that help?




Ian G

You can also switch the view by pressing ctrl + ~ (usually the top-left
betton, next to 1.)

Ian G

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