Formula needed to show blank when values do not appear



I have a spreadsheet where by column H, and every third column after that up
to AO7, shows an amount of growth from the starting figure that appears in
column E (the growth shown in each column is NOT cumulative).

At the end of the spreadsheet, I have column which needs to show the last
growth figure entered for each row. However, not all rows will show it's
last figure in the same column, i.e. the last growth figure for row 11 might
appear at K11, while the last growth figure for row 19 might appear at T19.
All cells prior to the last populated cell should be populated.

I have entered a formula to achieve this, which works ok:


However, where there is no growth amount shown on the spreadsheet (in any of
the cell refs displayed in formula above), I need the value in the last
column to show nothing (blank). At the moment it shows the value of column E
(the starting figure upon which the growth figures are based) but this will
distort my figures.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!




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