Formula issues



I have to enter the following formula into excel

ABM x AS x ABFy+m,s + AMC x (1-MCFy+m,s) + APC x (1- PCFy+m,s) + ATA
Ihave worked out the figures for each of the lettered symbols and put them
into my worksheet so my formula reads as follows:


However the figure is not coming out anywhere near the same as it works out
on the calculator.

I have tried changing H10 and H12 so that the figure in that cell is already
been calculated (so figure changed from say 2 to -1, it is always a minus
number which I think is what is causing my issue.

Can anyone see where i have gone wrong with this, I have put extra brackets
in but they don't seem to help




Replace H1, H2 etc by actual numbers in those cells and see whether you are
getting the same result as your calculator.

Make sure that you are not entering numbers like 1/10, 1/1 and Excel are
converting them to dates.

If all your cells have numbers then your formula is correct.

It is adding
ABM x AS x ABFy+m,s
and AMC x (1-MCFy+m,s)
and APC x (1- PCFy+m,s)
and ATA together

Essentially you are getting
(ABM x AS x ABFy+m,s) + (AMC x (1-MCFy+m,s)) + (APC x (1- PCFy+m,s)) + ATA
(H6*H7*H8) + (H9*(1-H10)) + (H11*(1-H12)) + H13

ABM = H6
AS =H7
ABFy+m,s = H8
AMC = H9
MCFy+m,s = H10
APC = H11
PCFy+m,s = H12
ATA = H13

Is that what you want?



Dana DeLouis


Hi. I don't have a solution, but as a side note...
Your Sum() function in not needed, as there is only 1 argument.

Perhaps you meant...

=SUM(H6*H7*H8, H9*(1-H10), H11*(1-H12), H13)

Dana DeLouis

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