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Apr 10, 2017
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Could anyone help me create a formula for an excel sheet I need to modify.

The current formula I am using for my imperial worksheet is

Up until now I have always entered D17 and F17 as imperial dimensions (hence the /144 to get square feet), now I need to enter those two items as millimeters. The only hang up is that I still need to have the output show has square feet, and the amount cannot be less than 1.5 (if it is, it has to enter as 1.5 minimum).

I am probably complicating this far more than I should be but for some reason I am stuck and can't figure this one out.

Anyone have any suggestions/solutions?



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Mar 25, 2003
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Welcome to the forum! :)

I think the CONVERT formula would help you here. It works like this:

=CONVERT(number to be converted, units to be converted from, units to be converted to)

This would allow you to convert the area (width times height) from mm squared to feet squared.

This formula, combined with a MAX formula so that it can't be lower than 1.5, would do what you want. This is what I would do on your spreadsheet.


where D17 is your width and F17 is your height.

Hope this helps!

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