Formula Help... almost done with this project



Thanks in advance… I am almost done with this project and have one more thing
that I need help with.

I have a Workbook called ‘Quote TemplateBeta ver2’ within the workbook I
have multiple worksheets The first sheet ‘Info Sheet’ contains various
information for pricing countertops. I enter the information and it populates
the various quote sheets that correspond to the appropriate type of job.

On the ‘Info Sheet’ I have the following cells

B22 (Type of job)
E10 (Material)
E16 (Price Group)

And I have quote sheets (within the same workbook) that correspond to the
various types of Jobs (wholesale, retail) and material (Granite, Silestone)

For this example lets say I have entered the following

B22 “Wholesaleâ€
E10 “Graniteâ€
E16 “Bâ€

I need a formula that will return the amount from the appropriate cell
within the ‘Granite-Wholesale’ worksheet to the ‘Info Sheet’ M14

E61 “Total Aâ€
F61 “Total Bâ€
G61 “Total Câ€
H61 “Total Dâ€

I have 4 types of material and 3 different job types. I think I can modify
the formula once somebody gets me on the right track.



Max, Thanks for your response.

Could you elaborate on what you have done. I assume I need to add info
between the quotes but I am not sure what to enter where.

Basically I am trying to analyze 3 seperate cells to bring info from a 4th
cell (in a seperate worksheet)

Thanks for your help!


Since it's a single cell formula in M14 (not to be filled down/across), think
we could safely remove all the dollar signs from the cell refs for E10, E16
and B22, viz just place in M14, array-entered:



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