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For the life of me I can not find the Form Field toolbar in Word 2010.
I was using 2003 which the toolbar is found by View>Toolbars> Forms.
Simple as that! Whats happend to the simplicity of Word! It's like
starting all over again. Can't use documents created in 2010 in 2003
either. Now more money for what! Sorry........back to my question can
anyone please give my step by step instructions on how to view the
Forms tookbar. Thanks in advance!!!

Graham Mayor

There are no toolbars in Word 2010, but you will find the forms tools on the
developer tab of the ribbon which you can activate from the ribbon editor.
If you want it to look more like the Word 2003 forms toolbar (and you
probably will if working with protected forms) then see Form Controls.htm from where you can
download a useful add-in.

There is no reason whatsoever why you cannot use your Word 2003 documents in
Word 2010. Word 2010 is also capable of saving Word 2003 document format.

Almost all of the keyboard shortcuts you used in Word 2003 still work in
2010 ... but you are right, the ribbon does take a while to come to terms
with. Simplicity is dictated solely by familiarity.


If you will click the Help question mark in Word 2010, and then put the word
"forms" in the search box you will then be led to a very good and detailed
procedure on how to access the forms tools.


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