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Hi folks,
It's years since I've used database software and need some help please.
I have a field for job numbers (3 digits) and a second field for part
numbers (5-6 characters or digits). Input mask (second field) is set to
aaa-aaaaaa. The second field must also show the job number preceding the part
number. There can be no duplicates, but, there will be as far as the job
number is concerned as there may be 500 or more parts for the particular job
and some part numbers are duplicated for different jobs.
I have set up the second field to allow for the job number to precede the
part number. How (if it is possible)do I get the first field value to
transfer automatically to the part number field?
First field ***(job number)
Second field ***-aaaaaa(job number and part number)

Many thanks in advance,


Wayne Morgan

I would leave them as two separate fields. Just place them side by side on
the form. In a report, you could concatenate the two together in a single
textbox. To prevent duplicates, you can set a Unique Values index on both
fields simultaneously. This will let there be duplicates in either of the
fields, but when the fields are combined there could be no duplicates.

To set up this type of index, open the table in design view and go to
View|Indexes. In the Indexes dialog enter the name you want to use for the
index, the name of the first field in the index, and the sort order. Set
Unique to Yes. On the next row, leave the Index Name blank, enter the second
field name, and the sort order.

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