Forms design view, display ruler in pixels



I'd like to find a way restrict my forms design to a specific pixel count so
I know it will fit correctly on different display formats.

Ideally, I could just set the ruler to display in pixels.

I know I could just switch my resolution back and forth but there should be
a better way.

Any ideas. Access 2003


If you go into the properties in design view, you can set the width of the
form with pixels by typing in "px" after the number and it converts it to
inches. e.g. 800 px. Of course you need to take into consideration the
Access application window, so whhatever your max screen setting you will need
to back it off a few pixels.
Hope this helps,
Aug 14, 2014
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I'm hoping it's not too late to get a reply to this!

I can set the form's width in pixels as you describe but I can't find a property for height?

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