Forms Bound to Recordsets


Mike Miller

I have a question about the Access Projects and bound forms. Which type
of Recordset object do they use, ADODB, OR DAO? I ran into some issues with
an Access front-end application when trying to hand a form an
ADODB.Recordset in code (maybe it can be done, but before the form is loaded
into memory?). I would think that since SQL Server is the back-end for an
ADP that the ADODB Recordset object would be used.

Thanks for your help,




Sylvain Lafontaine

They can use both. See for a full

When retrieving a recordset, both ADODB or DAO recordset can be retrieved.
However, a common error is to forget using the "new" keyword when retrieving
an ADODB recordset:

Private Sub cmdRecordset_Click()
Dim rst As new ADODB.Recordset
Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone
Debug.Print rst!LastName
Loop Until rst.EOF
End Sub

The error is to write only "Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset" instead of "Dim rst
As new ADODB.Recordset".

S. L.

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