Formatting currency within a report text box expression


Parish Pete

I'm trying to create a mail merge letter from a 2007 ACCB database using a
report (Word can't cope with the filter)

To keep the text flowing to allow for expansion of various field values,
I've put the following in a text box.

="According to my records you " & [Expr2] & " " & [KEYNO] & ", have made a
total payment of " & [PAID] & " comprising a permit fee of " & [PERMIT£] & "
and key deposit of " & [KEY£] & ". Therefore " & [Expr1]

Ignoring Expr1 & 2 which are text statements and [KEYNO] which is a 4 digit
integer The £0.00 values of [PAID], [PERMIT£] and [KEY£] simply won't
display as 2dp currency values even though the text box format is so set and
their query values are indeed currency.

I could break up the expression into a number of boxes so that it does work
but getting the letter layout right is a nightmare.

Any suggestions welcome




Peter Hibbs


You could try formatting the currency fields like this :-

....payment of " & Format([PAID],"Currency") & " compr....

Peter Hibbs.

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