Formatted text in QuickParts/AutoText



Word 2007
I'm back with another issue. I cannot seem to get my saved QuickParts to
hold its formatting, specifically, underlining. So, in reading the boards, I
decided to use AutoCorrect instead, and apply formatted text settings. While
the text shows up formatted in the little window in the AutoCorrect tab, when
I insert it into my document, the underlining ONCE AGAIN is gone!

Is anyone else having these issues with autotext / quickparts functionality?
This entire feature in Word 2007 just does not work properly in so many ways
for me. Of course I'm not discounting user error :) but I have been using
these features since Word97 and have not had these issues in the past.

As always, I am grateful for any assistance you wise people can offer.

Stefan Blom

In the AutoCorrect dialog box, as you created the AutoCorrect entry, did you
remember to select the "Formatted text" option? Since it isn't selected by
default, it may be easily overlooked. (Also, be sure to save the Normal
template if you are prompted to do so.)

I'm not sure what went wrong when you tried to create the AutoText (Building
Block) entry. It should be even more straightforward than creating
AutoCorrect. (Note, however, that the insertion of Building Blocks is not
automatic in Word 2007.)

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