Format of CSV file not preserved when edited in Excel 2007



Here's my problem. I get a CSV file from a vendor that I need to edit. The
file comes in the following format:

After editing the file and saving as a CSV, my data looks like the following
in a text editor:

In order to send the file back to the vendor I need those quotation marks
back. I've tried importing the data and setting the text qualifier to {none},
which accomplishes the goal of preserving the quotation marks, however when I
save as a CSV file, my data comes out as so:

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Peterson

Maybe you could write your own exporting program that would behave exactly the
way you want:

Here are three sites that you could steal some code from:

Earl Kiosterud's Text Write program:
(or directly:

Chip Pearson's:

J.E. McGimpsey's:

(or maybe you could build your own formula and copy|paste into Notepad.)

Check out Earl's Text Write program first. It may do exactly what you want
right out of the box.

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