Format cell based on cell color



Is there a way to format the cell in column A "Red Fill" if there is any cell
in that row in columns B through AO that have a Red filled cell?

If not, is there a way to color the cell in column A if the cell in column B
is Red filled? If that's possible, I could set up a macro to repeat the
process for the other columns.

Thanks for your help


Is there a way to go to the first cell in a column that is not formatted
Red? I could work with that as well.

I need to get all of the rows that have Red filled cells at the top of the
worksheet. With a macro I could sort one column at a time and not include
the pre-sorted (already identified Red) columns. Brainstorming on a Friday
afternoon, probably not a good idea. I appreciate your feedback!

Rick Rothstein

How did your cells in Columns B through AO get to be "red filled"...
manually filled with the color or via Conditional Formatting? If Conditional
Formatting, what formula was used?


via Conditional Formatting.

There are multiple columns being checked with conditional formatting that
count the number of characters in the column to the left. Each conditional
formatting statement is a Greater Than statement, so if the characters
allowed for that column is exceeded, the cell is highlighted red. I have a
macro that checks several columns between B and I need to get those
rows to the top.


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