format a merged cell to grow (Heighth)



I've merged a row of Cell's together for a Business Form that I've created in
Excel. I have selected both "Merge Cells" & "Wrap Text" to format these
cells. However, when enough text is entered into this cell to actually wrap
down to the next line - all of the text will not display. Any text that has
wrapped is not visible. Isn't there someway to format the Merged Cell to
grow with the wrapped text so it's all visible?? It works fine in a normal
cell - it's only the Merged Cells that I run into this problem with.



Dave Peterson

If you manually adjust the rowheight, can you see all the text?

Merged cells and autofitting of rows don't play nice together.

If that didn't help...

If you add alt-enters (to force new lines within the cell) every 80-100
characters, you'll be able to see more characters.

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