Form to form qestions




I have a form called Workload that has five tabs. I have a field in the
upper portion of the form called Score Review. I have a command button that
opens to a form call Quality Score worksheet; this form has five fields with
minor calculations, some other details name, date, etc., along with several
comment sections. The Quality Score Worksheet currently has a separate table
then the form Workload.

I would like to do three things:

• Link the form Quality Score Worksheet to open as blank form and when
filled in, it saves with the current record of the Worksheet. So whenever I
pull-up the Workload record, I would be able to view the Quality Score
Worksheet as well.
• I would like to have the total score from the Quality Score Worksheet
automatically enter into the Score Review field. I currently have the field
formatted for percent, which is what the total score would be from the
• Print the form with a print button on the Worksheet
• Attach the form as a pdf in lotus notes and emailed


I am not quite sure of the most productive manner in which to accomplish
things four things but could use some suggestions to get started.





What are your table layouts? Post them here. What do the 5 tabs on
Workload represent?

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