Form Suddenly Became Non-Editable?



No nibbles on, so here it is:

Got a data entry form with many fields on it.

Suddenly all fields have become non-editable.

The form's .RecordSource is editable.

All I can think of is that I have fat-fingered some property that
is crucial to the form's being editable.

Form Props that I can think of:

..AllowEdits = True
..RecordsetType = Dynaset
..RecordLocks = NoLocks

Field Props:

..Locked = False
..Enabled = True

Can anybody think of something else?


Per (PeteCresswell):
Can anybody think of something else?

FWIW, I found a workaround.

The form is based on an empty "Work" table.

Seems like the form has somehow been automagically creating a
single record in that table when the form is opened and it had
stopped doing so - even though .DataEntry=False.

The fields became non-editable when there was no underlying
record to support the .ControlSources

I added a few lines of code in Form_Open to insert an empty
record and all became well.

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