Form/Sub-Form selector shading


John Keith

Im not sure where to start this...

Using Access2003,
I have a form with a sub-form. Both have the same datasource. The sub-form
is continuous and shows name, job and a Dlookup for assigned days. The main
form portion is "single form" to show one record. Clicking on a row in the
sub-form will position the recordset at that record which makes the main form
display that record. I have a button to popup an Add record form to keep
that functionality seperate from "selecting a record". The headings in the
sub-form have an on-click event set to sort (orderby) the display for either
the name or job.

What I am wanting to add is to have the row in the sub-form shaded on the
current recordset position (I.E. the record currently showing on the main
form.) As the current record changes, the previous row should be unshaded
and the new current row shaded. Also I will need to make sure that the
shaded (current selection) is scrolled to show in the sub-form.

I tried the Form BeforeRender event but changing the current record did not
fire that event.

What are the properties and events that will accomplish this?

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