Form Problems



I have table1 that is joined to table2 via a foreign key. I have created
separate forms to enter information into each table, and have connected both
forms using a navigation button. I would like to commit data to the table as
the user enters it:

User enters data into form1 = saved as a record in table1
User navigates to form2
User enters data into form2 = saved as record in table2
User can navigate back to form1 and change data, but when the user exits
form and reenters, they are entering a completely new record.

Is there some way to accomplish this?

Thank you!



Damon Heron

Sounds like you really need a main form and subform.
In design view, drag form2 onto form1 and link using the foreign key.
Now any data can be filled in on either table as you desire.


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