Form in project does not detect custom classes


Crazy Cat


I'm developing a desktop application in Visual Studio 2005
Professional and need help.

I've created several custom classes for my project but they appear
invisible to my forms!!!

For example I create the following class -

Namespace BLL

Public Class Building
Inherits BizObject
Implements IFolderItem

Private _name As String
Property name() As String Implements
Return _name
End Get
Set(ByVal value As String)
_name = value
End Set
End Property

Private _folderId As Integer
Property FolderId() As Integer
Return _folderId
End Get
Set(ByVal value As Integer)
_folderId = value
End Set
End Property

Sub New(ByVal strName As String)
Name = strName
End Sub

End Class

End Namespace

When I create a form and type imports <Project name>. intellisense
does not display the namespace. If I simply enter the namespace
manually and attempt to create an object of the type the IDE reports
that type 'Building' is not defined.

Even if I don't create a namespace for a class, it is still not
detected in the form class.

One thing I notice out of the ordinary is that the icons by the
'invisible classes' appear as white paper sheets rather than the usual
class icon.

What the hell?

It seems most of the issues I run into with this crappy product are
linked to weird quirks in the damn product rather than programming

Please help!




Crazy Cat

OK, I found the problem. Apparently the classes were not being
included in the project, which is what the blank paper icon means.
Don't how they got excluded, but after including them all is well.
Sure would help if MS's documentation was better !

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