Form for entering data in 3 tables


Marco Simone


I would like to have form in which I can enter data in 3 tables. So, in this
form would be text boxes for entering data in 3 tables.
Is it possible to do this without subforms? Do you have some guidance where
to learn this? I suppose I would have to use VBA.

Thanks for your reply, Marco


Use a query to bring all three tables together.

Make sure all relationships are one-to-one OR one-to-many.
If there are many-to-many records, you'll need a junction
table to be able to 'add' records to those underlying

When saving the query, use a name that will be
distinct...such as "qryAllthreetables", so that it is
obvious in your VB code that you are dealing with a query
not a table.

The form's source of data should be the query...not the
tables themselves



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