Form fields in a Word Doc



I have a Word form which I use to record client requests and then email it to
them for their feedback.

I have two regions which I have separated into Sections. In region one I
enter the client request into form fields and the client uses the form fields.

My problem is how to protect the form fields that contain the information I
have entered.



Charles Kenyon

Protect? As in keep the client from changing them? You would need to
unprotect the document and change the fields so as to "disable" them for
data entry and then reprotect the document in a way that does not reset form
fields. This can be done using a macro or manually in later versions of
Word. Which version are you using?

What you are talking about is what Word calls an "online form." For more
about online forms, follow the links at or especially Dian
Chapman's series of articles.

Hope this helps,

Charles Kenyon

Word New User FAQ & Web Directory:

Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word (supplemented version of
Microsoft's Legal Users' Guide)

See also the MVP FAQ: which is awesome!
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