form event handler question



Hello, I am curious if an event handler exists that is called when a
saved but not sent form item is opened from the draft folder or when a
sent form item is opened in read mode?

The reason behind this is that I have a form with extremely variable
layout and data so I have only one user-defined field that holds all
the layout config and data for the form. Using code in the Item_Open
procedure, it's quite easy to get the form set up correctly as well as
save data back out of the form and into the user-defined field in the
Item_Write event. The data is getting stored/sent with the form item
as desired, but it seems that in the above two situations - opening an
unsent draft or opening a sent form that the Item_Open event is not
triggered again nor are any other events that I can discern.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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