Form Cant Send Email



I have a form at This is just a
test form, once i get it working i will modify the contents.

i have the form setup to email me at my email address. i have create the
form in Frontpage2003 and uploaded it to my linux server ar 1and1 via
frontpage. when i click the submit button i get this message in a new window
"Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page:

Does anyone know whats going on. I do have my front page extensions active
on my server account.


Looks like the FPSE (FrontPage Server Extensions) are missing from the server
or have become corrupt. The FrontPage form relies on these as well as
publishing with FrontPage to http location.

You need to verify that your host offers the extensions. If they do, then it
is usually a simple matter of reinstalling or turning them on from your site
control panel.

Mike Smith,
FrontPage Form Tutorials
& Form Script Examples


Check with your host that they support and have configured the FrontPage
extensions email transport.

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