Forest to Domain Move



I have a forest / root Domain called A.DOMAIN.PVT, and I have another forest
/ root Domain called B.DOMAIN.PVT

Issue - two SEPARATE forest but similar domain name of DOMAIN.PVT.

What needs to happen is move the B.DOMAIN.PVT forest / root Domain to be
part of the A.DOMAIN.PVT. B.DOMAIN.PVT needs to exist below the
A.DOMAIN.PVT - not as a separate forest / domain root

Whoever did the previous install did not know what they were doing
obviuosly, but now I am task in making sure this happens

My concern is the order of coexistence between FOREST/ROOT B.DOMAIN.PVT and
domain B.DOMAIN.PVT under A.DOMAIN.PVT -
What order do you suggest in going through this?




Simon Geary

You will not be able to do this without a rebuild of the B domain. You
cannot change which domain in a forest is the forest root domain.


Thanks Simon, I do understand that - I know I will have to build a new
B.DOMAIN.PVT as a domain under A.DOMAIN.PVT forest / domain.

My concern is the order and services (DNS, DHCP) for the coexistence of
B.DOMAIN.PVT forest root and B.DOMAIN.PVT under A.DOMAIN.PVT.


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