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I have a w/s that compares forecasts and actuals.
Column A is Month: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov Dec.
Column B is the Planned Forecast in $ for each month.
Column C is the Actual Amt in $ that was spent for that month

I need 3 formulas that at the end of each column do the following:

1) YTD total for each - this formula would take the $ amount for each month
and * by the number of days in that month then divide by the actual number of
toal days YTD so far. We are a month behind so we would only use through July
not include August yet. In other words it is not to date (system date).

2) Forecast total - $ amt for each month * # of days in the month divided
by 365 days for the entire year.

3) Sum for the year (got this one figured out).

for Actual Totals:

Same as for forecast for YTD.

The second formula is my problem: for Actual $ amt MTD Forecast. Take the $
amt for each month *the # of days in that month PLUS include the $amt for
the forecast months that we have NOT gotten to yet this year. We are done
with July, so you would only include Planned/Forecast $ for Aug, Sept, Oct,
Nov, Dec taken from that column and sub for actual $ until we can replace it
with the info when it comes in. This total is under Actual/Forecast.

The last one for Actuals is sum and I got that one.

3) Total - got this one - it is the actual sum YTD.
Month Forecast Actual
Jan 91.21 51.75
Feb 82.39 109.31
Mar 91.21 159.24
Apr 88.27 69.86
May 91.21 51.92
Jun 89.69 53.76
Jul 92.73 51.20
Aug 92.73
Sep 89.73
Oct 93.25
Nov 90.26
Dec 104.22
YTD 89.64 77.86
Forecast 91.50 84.67
Total 1096.90 547.05


Héctor Miguel

hi, Jannie !

it's not so clear if months are *real* date-values or just month-name -?-
[but] assuming your data-range [titles in row 1] in A2:13

1) for YTD [Forecast = 89.64 & Actual = 77.86]

Forecast in column B:

2) I couldn't reach your figures for Forecast [91.5 & 84.67] -?-

I guess you could try with:

3) for the second part [Forecast PLUS *forecasting* Aug-Dec]...

Forecasting Aug-Dec AND multiplying by # of [pending] days:

still pending what/how/... to *handle* for the Actual figures -?-


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