For a Cell A3, i use '=A2' ..i want to copy the format of A2 also,




I have a cell A3 in which i want to insert both the contents and format of
the cell A2 .. Can somebody plz advise me on how to go about it..

To be specific, A2 contains a number, say 21 and is shaded blue. Exactly i
want the same in A3. (Both the number and color)

Sincerely awaiting a reply..


Maybe this will help you
Click in cell A3 and type =A2
this means that what ever is populated in cell A3 will auto maticaly
populate in cell A3
Then also you can conditional format the cell to change to certain colours.


Hi mates,

Thank You very much for the prompt reply..

I tried conditional formatting but the problem i face is that Cell-A3 must
respond to a change in the format of Cell-A2 .. i don't know the formula..
Advise welcome..

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