footers in powerpoint 2003



Is there a good site to read about footers in powerpoint 2003?

I am reading through the posts on here, and I am finding it frustrating to
understand how to insert page numbers on slides. Do you put these in the
slide master, slide master layout or somewhere else?

I have a presntation with multiple masters. The presentation has several
divider slides, which serve to separate sections of the presentation. Page
numbers should appear on all slides, but not on the divider slides. So, for
example, if slide 8 were a divider slide, then numbering should go 5,6,7,9.



Echo S

Make sure you have a page number placeholder on all the slide masters (not
on the title masters, which is what I assume the divider slides are also
based on). If you don't have one, choose View | Master | Slide Master, then
Format | Master Layout and put a tick mark next to the Slide Number option.

Now, once you have a place for the page numbers to go, go to View | Header
and Footer to turn on the page numbers themselves. If you have page number
placeholders on the title slide layouts, you can also tick the box to "don't
show on title slide" to suppress the numbers there.

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