Footers by Section?



Hi all,

I'm unable to page each section separately. I would like a footer with
section name on page 1 of each section, then section name and page # for
following pages.

Thanks for any help!




Dayo Mitchell

You can do footers by section, but that requires telling Word what
constitutes a section, that is, inserting a section break between each

Also note that clicking on View | Headers/Footers gives you far more control
than using the Insert | Page Number command. If you have already inserted
the section breaks, you will see "Header - Section 4" etc labeling the
headers and footers. Use File | Page Setup, Layout to set Different First
Page for all sections, then simply type what you want into the First Page
Footer and the Section 1 - Footer. Repeat for each section.

If the section name reflects a title in the main text, look up StyleRef
field in Help to simplify your life. Otherwise, you will have to use the
icons on the Header/Footer toolbar to unlink each footer from the previous
section in order to type independent text.





Hi, timJ. What you need to do is:
1. Insert a section break between each section.
2. In each section, choose "different first page" headers/footers in File | Page Setup | Layout. This step allows you to create two headers and two footers (the first for page 1, the second for pages 2 thru last) in each section.
3. If the headers and footers are different in each section, then turn off "same as previous" in the first-page and section headers and footers. If you can use a STYLEREF field to enter the section title in the headers and if page numbering is continuous throughout the document, then you don't have to turn off SAP.
4. In each section, create the first-page header and footer, and also the section header and footer.

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